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Discus b Refinish

Soaring NV's Discus b, a rental glider, was showing it's age and needed a bit of a face lift. The gel coat was in very bad condition. The years of sun and wave flying had deteriorated the the finish to flakes. There were places that there was no gel coat at all.

The gelcoat needed to be removed before refinishing and that in itself is a huge job. The man hours that go into refinishing a gelcoated glider are enormous. There were over 4000 man hours involved in this project.

Along with this as we started to remove the gap tapes from the top of the horizontal stabilizer the top skin and gelcoat lifted off the stabilizer. This required re-skinning the top of the horizontal stabilizer.

After months of work the glider was finished and ready to be put back into action.



MiG-15 Instrument Panel

Need a cockpit upgrade? Here's what we did for a MiG-15. A custom carbon fiber instrument panel for both the front and rear cockpits!

RV-8 Instrument Panels

We've had a number of RV-8 builders come to us with the same issues. The newer Garmin radios won't fit into a flat instrument panel due to the extended length of the radio frame. So we came up with a solution, the RV-8 Slant Panel.

The lower portion of the carbon fiber panel is kicked out to provide enough clearance for the radio to fit while providing a better angle of view to the radio screen.

Next we were asked to come up with a panel for the rear seat. Something that would hold an iPad or other device for the rear passenger. We designed a small carbon fiber panel that would tuck up out of the way and allow for mounting of your favorite electronic device.

Contact us if you'd like a panel for your RV-8!

Drone Payload Tray

One of our customers operates drones and was in need of spare parts. What they needed was payload bay trays. These can be quickly changed out with different equipment mounted as the mission demands. Sometimes the only thing that we have to go off of is an existing part to make tooling. Other times tooling is provided. Either way we can duplicate the parts.

We also can handle drone sub-assemblies as well.