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What's a monitor bridge? Well, it's a 19" rack mount unit with a track on top for placing a monitor or anything else, such as speakers, that sits or is mounted to a console top. Typically they house intercom stations, router heads, speakers, power conditioners and the likes but most any standard 19" rack mount device will fit. These are well suited for Television/Film, Military, Police, Mobile Command Stations, Drone Operations or any area where minimizing weight is a priority.

These are used when weight savings is a must. For instance, an aluminum 3 rack unit bridge weighs in at 14lbs. the same thing in carbon fiber is just 2.2lbs! We've built a number of these for James Cameron's Cameron/Pace Group.

The construction is a carbon fiber/foam core sandwich which creates great strength with very little weight. Elements are precision cut using water jet technology.

Incorporated into the design are magnetic latches which allow for a tool free access to the rear of the bridge.

Bridges can be custom designed for your exact needs. Let us know if we can help you out.