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Next Generation SkyCam

Davis Composites has been comissioned by SkyCam to design and build the structure of their Next Generation system. Here's a little peek at what will be coming out in the near future.


New Shop

As of January 1, 2015 we will be in our new 5,000sq' shop located in Spanish Springs, 255 Distribution Dr, Suite 205, Sparks, NV  89431. Stay tuned for more exciting news.

SkyCam Weight Reduction

SkyCam, the company that provides the magnificant overhead shots at sporting events around the world, came to us to help reduce the suspended weight of their system.

We were able to repackage some of their equipment into custom carbon fiber enclosures. The weight reduction was substantial, 21.5 oz to be exact.

Next on tap with SkyCam, assist in the design and construction of the next generation of SkyCam.

Smooth Head Gyro Cam System

We were brought in by ESPN to come up with a camera system to cover the world record distance attempt of a back flip on a mountain bike this past August.

What we designed is the "Smooth Head" camera system. The first 3 axis gyro stablilzed, rf, helmet mount camera system.

The camera system was worn by a follow rider, capturing the 1,000' run down the face of Mammouth Mountain.

Checkout the video clip.

Smooth Head Camera System In Action


ESPN Bag Tag

Here's an example of a self promotion piece we did. It is a bag tag for ESPN which is made up of Carbon Fiber and Texilium (the silver material).

The tags were cut using CAD/Water Jet process.